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Statutory Audit

The recording of financial transactions is bookkeeping, whereas, accounting is interpreting, classifying, analyzing, reporting, and summarizing the financial data. A properly maintained accounting & bookkeeping system helps a business to reduce accounting costs and analyze its financial growth.

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What are Accounting services – An overview

Accounting is the systematic process of recording, analyzing and interpreting the financial transactions. It is the responsibility of every business – whether large or small to furnish their accounting records to the Income Tax Department. Usually, start-ups ignore and after few years, they have to face problems. To avoid problems like raid and fines, it is always good to maintain your financial records and furnish details to the government agencies.

How we help in Accounting – Why CAONDUTY

With the ever-changing business landscape, certified auditors and accounting professionals, and payroll specialists assist in a broad spectrum of financial services that cover:

Basic financial consultation:

We have expert chartered accountants and financial professionals who offer basic financial consultation that your company needs.


Bookkeeping is a process of recording financial transactions and information on a daily basis. The account bookkeeping services may include payments made to suppliers, loan payments, customer invoice payments, monitoring asset depreciation and generating financial reports.

Preparation of accurate annual financial statements and monthly reports:

One of the major concerns of creditors and investors is a company’s financial health. Financial statements serve as a source for a company’s investor to gauge the profitability and safety for their investment.

Financial statements, which include balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement give insights into the company’s financial position, an overview of assets and liabilities, stockholders’ equity. It also helps understand the company’s revenues and expenditure, how the company pays its debts and how it meets its expenses for operations.

FAQs on Accounting & Bookkeeping Service

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